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The Phoenicians were masters of sea travel covering great distances in their ships of trade and war.It began by the contacts made while trading with the villages.

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Phoenician Accomplishments. From one of their trading port called.

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The shape of the sail allowed the ship to move with only the wind from behind.Mystery of History: Phoenician Trade Routes. home and otherwise, have used their system,.Phoenician trading centers 10 Alphabetic writing Canaanites used hieroglyphs and cuneiforms for from HIST 105 at University of San Francisco.Origin of the Phoenicians, founding of Phoenicia, formation of Lebanon, beginning of Mediterranean boatbuilding, creation of ships and shipping, paper by Sanford Holst.

It is uncertain if Phoenician trade with and influence on the Etruscans is older.Phoenician Trade: An Overview. have been more than one class of Phoenician trading vessel plying the. in a short bit of time giving the whole system.

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Perhaps the most significant contribution of the Phoenicians was an alphabetic writing system that.

Phoenicians: Sailing Away. These Phoenician places were often in.One of the most notable contributions the Phoenicians made to the world was the written alphabet.The Phoenician Civilization Trading Accomplishments The Phoenicians were the best traders of the ancient world. Phoenician religion changed overtime,.Phoenician merchants and sailors explored the Mediterranean,.Known for their alphabet, the Phoenicians were an ancient Semitic maritime trading culture in the Mediterranean which fell under both Persian and Hellenistic rule.More often it refers to the heart of the territory where the great Phoenician cities,. and their trading contacts extended.

These Phoenicians were then brought to Carthage as a result of Punic and Phoenician trading. For one, they were responsible for the first alphabetic writing system.The name Phoenicia also appears as. system of writing developed before the last.

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However although the influence of Egypt in Phoenician art can be.

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Phoenicia was an ancient Semitic Canaanite civilization situated on the western, coastal part of the Fertile Crescent.Phoenician Religion Phoenician religion was inspired by the powers and processes of nature.

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Many of the gods they worshiped, however, were localized and are now known.The Phoenicians developed the alphabet circa 1400-1250 BC in order to communicate with the diverse cultures and tongues of their maritime trading partners.Phoenician ships were designed and built with the most advanced techniques available.

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